The Screenless Office, exists as a working prototype right now and has several modular software "bureaus" which allow a user to consume and navigate news, email and social-media with output printed on a standard office printer or small reciept printer. Our software is programmed based on the software engineering design pattern known as a "Microservices Architecture". In such a system, software is broken up into smaller, more or less independent components which can then communicate with each other requesting data or the performance of particular actions. In our case, the components are referred to as "Bureaus" and are modeled after the typical organizational structure of a large corporation of the 20th century. There is a Management bureau in charge of starting, stopping and monitoring all other bureaus. Inhuman Resources keeps a record of all services and commands provided by each of the other bureaus. The Public Relations Department is in charge of social media. The Publications Office takes care of web browsing and eventually creating web pages. The Photography Dept. makes images at the request of other bureaus, etc. Many more bureaus are planned to provide everything from music and radio to archival search and retrieval services.